Exploring the Endless - Dev Retro 2022

Exploring the Endless - Dev Retro 2022

From known to well versed

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Jyotirmoy Bandyopadhyaya [Bravo68]
·Jan 2, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • Future Plans

Hello everyone,

I am here to here to share my dev experience with the hashnode dev community.

2022 was a swift and bumpy ride. From REST APIs to Lambda function, I learnt about scaliblity, system architecture and all along practical DevOps. Ofcourse, Open Source and FOSS were the only way to learn, integrate and most importantly contribute towards a better software.

Talking about some achievements, I got 15,000+ GitHub commits, took a session on Opensource for Hacktoberfest 22 in LPU with Team GDSC.


Shifted from cringy Javascript to stingy Typescript. Learned that it's better to write your own code rather than being lazy and using prebuild modules.

So that the gist of my entire 2022. Let's hope we all achieve our 2023 goals 🙃.

Future Plans

  • Participate in GSoC 23
  • Develop more code
  • Master Rust
  • Micro-bloging on Mastodon (catch me at


I wanna learn some frontend I guess🤣 PHP still sucks😈 You never know 😋

Thank you for reading my article.

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